Fashion photography

Fashion photography for me is all about “making a picture”rather than “taking a picture”.Anyone with a camera or these days a phone can “take a picture”but to really create an image that will have an effect on the viewer one must “make a picture”.This means for a photographer that you have a theme or a story in mind and then work closely with the stylist and make up artist so you are all telling the same story.I see so many excellent photographers who get into fashion photography but are totally clueless about fashion.So the photograph has little or no impact on the viewer.The “eye” comes from years and years of poring over the best of best fashion magazines .Studying fashion and having a love for it.

Pictures  to me are stories without words.What would you like to do?tell a flat boring story, a chaotic one going nowhere orone thats interesting and powerful.When your team is not in harmony with each other and you have not done an pre production work ou slowly leak out all power from the images.I truly believe images are very very powerful.The soul speaks in emotions and pictures , not words , and phoography is exactly that, capturing emotion with pictures.

So for me to judge a picture is instantaneous.Do I love it instantly or do I have to think about it intellectually ?The moment i have to think about it I know its all wrong.And there are so many “wrong” images floating about.

Some pictures I love…this story was shot by Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue in reaction to the oil spill.




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