Bonnie and Clyde 1967

GAC_BonnieandClyde2 The granddaddy of all gangster cinema, this one is a classic.Directed by Arthur Penn.Starring Faye Dunaway as Ms Bonnie Parker and Warren Beatty as Clyde Barrow.It is an embellished version of real life bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde.This movie is funny yet sad, gruesome yet beautiful.Many films have taken liberally from this one , Pulp fiction and the wonderful No country for old men by the Coen Brothers.

Faye Dunaway is spectacular as Ms Bonnie Parker, and Warren Beatty impeccable as Mr Clyde Barrow.She plays a languid, sexy beautiful but bored out of her skull waitress in Texas.Enter Mr Barrow who is eyeing her Mama’s car with the intention of stealing it.

“Hey , Boy!,what you doin with my Mamma’s car?” are the first words she utters to him in her southern accent.Life as she knew was then irrevocably over .It becomes a heady mix of adrenalin, love , lust , fear and fun.They are soon joined by CW Moss who drives for them and Clydes brother Buck played by Gene Hackman and his hysterical wife Blanche played by Estelle Parsons.

After the initial high and rush from this new life which is a far cry from the crushing monotony of her old one, Bonnie starts to feel frustrated at being on the run all the time, Clyde’s impotency ,and just longing for a life of peace with Clyde.But he is very comfortable with this life as he doesnt know any other.This life then leads them to their tragic end where they lay lifeless , ridden with bullets.

The movie is superbly shot, its funny, well paced, perfect bluegrass soundtrack.Its violent but nothing compared to today’s level of violence in a film.There is poetry in the violence.

A must watch for all photographers and film buffs.


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