Interstellar 2014-review

intI am always hungry for good cinema, so when I read the reviews of Interstellar, given my love for quantum physics,I did all but dash to the theatre, newspaper in hand.Wow, to say I was disappointed is to put it mildly , that I wanted to decapitate Nolan so as to not make another film like this was more like it.

From the moment it started , I just knew this was going to suck and I just knew it would not get better, only worse.But I persisted in some vain hope.I kept shaking my head thinking there must be some could all those glowing reviews be so wrong.

The whole tired premise is that Earth is being taken over by think Nolan should visit Andheri sometime.Soon life will be already is in Mumbai..and we will all have to move to another planet.ok!

So Mr  Smug -Mathew Mcconaughey -hope I got that spelling  right – who lives in some cornfield with his adorable daughter, son and , Father -in -law , is picked by NASA to go into space, to do what was never clear to me.Technical jargon has always fazed me.I think it had something to do with finding another planet to live on to save the poor earthlings .There are three they can choose from .

His daughter has been getting messages from some ghost in her bedroom. Which turns out to be Mathew in some future dimension – wow , how groundbreaking.Daughter  begs Daddy to stay on earth, but he refuses.The future Mathews message to the present Mathew was STAY.I think Nolan was sending a subliminal message to the audience who were surely contemplating leaving as I  was.

So he decides to go.Here is when the entire plot which was bare to begin with starts unraveling and you are left going WTF..I want my money back.It just keeps getting worse and worse , its  too boring to even write about.

There are so many good actors in this film, Wes Bentley, Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon,John Lithgow, and each and everyone of them are wasted.The characters are shallow, their interactions superficial.

I then remembered that Nolan was the same douchebag who made Inception.He is such a wannabe deep and complex filmmaker peddling pretentious tripe to dumb audiences.His films are confusing and go nowhere.This, combined with all the hype surrounding his films have the same effect as ‘the Emperors New Clothes”.Its like people are going”Duh This movie sucks but I better say I like this it ,cos it must be good cos duh  everybody says so”

Note to more chances to Nolan.Interstellar just felt like a piece of NASA propaganda.



Bonnie and Clyde 1967

GAC_BonnieandClyde2 The granddaddy of all gangster cinema, this one is a classic.Directed by Arthur Penn.Starring Faye Dunaway as Ms Bonnie Parker and Warren Beatty as Clyde Barrow.It is an embellished version of real life bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde.This movie is funny yet sad, gruesome yet beautiful.Many films have taken liberally from this one , Pulp fiction and the wonderful No country for old men by the Coen Brothers.

Faye Dunaway is spectacular as Ms Bonnie Parker, and Warren Beatty impeccable as Mr Clyde Barrow.She plays a languid, sexy beautiful but bored out of her skull waitress in Texas.Enter Mr Barrow who is eyeing her Mama’s car with the intention of stealing it.

“Hey , Boy!,what you doin with my Mamma’s car?” are the first words she utters to him in her southern accent.Life as she knew was then irrevocably over .It becomes a heady mix of adrenalin, love , lust , fear and fun.They are soon joined by CW Moss who drives for them and Clydes brother Buck played by Gene Hackman and his hysterical wife Blanche played by Estelle Parsons.

After the initial high and rush from this new life which is a far cry from the crushing monotony of her old one, Bonnie starts to feel frustrated at being on the run all the time, Clyde’s impotency ,and just longing for a life of peace with Clyde.But he is very comfortable with this life as he doesnt know any other.This life then leads them to their tragic end where they lay lifeless , ridden with bullets.

The movie is superbly shot, its funny, well paced, perfect bluegrass soundtrack.Its violent but nothing compared to today’s level of violence in a film.There is poetry in the violence.

A must watch for all photographers and film buffs.

Movie review- Dhobighat

Bombay_02Was very excited to watch Dhobighat, the first film from Kiran Rao.I had watched numerous interviews of her and actor/director /part time messiah husband Aamir Khan proclaiming what a “fine” and “delicate”movie it was.In fact he said,”Its so fine and delicate no one might get it”.This was certainly true.

The film is about these four characters in Mumbai and how their lives connect and crossover each others in pretty meaningless ways.The main protagonist of the film is Arun  played by Aamir  Khan who looks well …the best word I can find is constipated.This is a permanent expression/state throughout the film.Perhaps she was aiming for ” temperamental genius artist ‘ but sigh , she got constipated and pissed off Aamir.He is totally rigid and very awkward with his lines.Its almost like someone had to prod him from the back to make him blurt out his dialogues.He makes for a truly unlikable character.Perhaps he is just not comfortable unless he is playing a self righteous,Mr know it all who is saving this sorry country from its woes.

Next up is the lovely Prateik Babbar who makes you fall in love with him instantly with his easygoing charm .He plays “Munna” who is a true multitasker, Dhobi, Rat catcher, BoyToy for bored fat housewives and also guide to NRI bankers from NY come on a ‘Sabbatical” presumably to soul search while shooting pictures of every cliched Bombay subject.Day in the life of a Dhobi check, Crowded dirty streets check , to do: Ratcatchers .

The NRI ,Shai , is played by Monica Dogra who is very natural I guess because she is pretty much playing herself.

The fourth characer is the beautiful Kirti Malhotra who plays Yasmin a repressed Muslim housewife who occupied the house before Aamir , the Constipated artist moved in.I think her character is supposed to be deep and soulful woman trapped in a loveless marriage .She finds some release in recording the tedium to send to her brother..Unfortunately she comes across more as a girl and less as a woman , one is totally unable to feel her pain and loneliness because she hides it all under this”Im really frikking miserable but Im just going to smile and pretend everythings okay and maybe ill just hang myself someday”

So Ms soul searching NRI falls in love with Constipated Artist after a one night stand “which she doesn’t do all the time.thank god!!I mean..gasp!!”.Meanwhile she leads along poor Dhobiboy Munna on the side, never crossing the line with him though ..because dah-ling puh-lease.Daddee is a builder and Mommee an art collector,I can’t be fooling around with the help.So lovesick DhobiBoy gives up on NRI soul searcher and in a dramatic scene chases her car wildly to give her Constipated Artists address in a final sacrificial gesture.But NRI has lost all interest in both, NY beckons looks like.Ta da boys.

All in all a truly sucky film with soulless characters going nowhere,what actually makes it worse is its beautiful cinematography and lovely music.Its like Mr  Khan is simply indulging wifeys artistic aspirations..”Go ahead darling make what you want to , we”ll package the tripe well”.

But I must say if Kiran was left to herself without the humongous looming shadow of Aamirs superstardom she would make good films, she has the sensibility.

Its not like every film needs to have a plot.Sofia Coppolas “Lost in translation” was about a chance encounter between two people in a strange city,with no particular story but it was beautiful and truly “fine”.